Varietee MAGICA thanks for the overwhelming response from it`s audiences, the 11th fabulous Varietee MAGICA show in Nov-Dec 2013!

"Thank you for the splendid Variete Magica Show !

It is wonderful that we do not have to encumber our carbon foot prints and credit card balances with a trip to Vegas to experience high level entertainment. Its being brought right to our door step in Helsinki Finland Nov thru Dec 14th 2013.

Many people know how to perform magic tricks but the masters are few and far between.

Add to that the music, the dance, the lights, and the narration and you get a whole package that exceeds the sum of its parts; a composition that competes with those of Wagner. You simply don't see this normally in Finland. Thank you for putting in the energy for yet another show!

Varietee Magica sure is an antidote for the Finnish winter darkness; the timing is simply perfect.

Varietee MAGICA 2011 Show review

Venues Touring cities in Finland and
Sokos Hotel President`s Theater Helsinki
9 th Nov till 10 th Dec

Variety is the spice of Varietee MAGICA 2011

The Ninth Varietee MAGICA in November and December 2011 offers something for everyone, combining many performers into one amazing show. Star performers and World-renowned magicians from Seoul, Atlanta, Paris and Amsterdam perform extraordinary talents, comedy and awe-inspiring magic tricks that could headline top venues in world and cause jaws to drop at the end of their acts. The artist line-up is full of wonderful performers like the Comedy & Magic of Levent, absolute World Glass manipulation of An Ha Lim and an explosive,original and romantic mix of juggling and fascinating dance created and performed by Emily & Menno van Dyke. They all are talented professionals who really know how to captivate an audience.

The show is hosted and directed by Timo Kulmakko, a renowned Finnish magician with a strong track record in show business. He gained fame by producing all eight preceding Varietee MAGICA shows, all of which turned into a great successes.
Prepare to leave the real world behind as you enter the showroom. The best of the best converge into one show to amaze, thrill and provide audiences with a variety show that has quite a much to offer to each and everyone.

Varietee MAGICA -show is a wonderful showcase of illusions, incredible magic and variety acts with lots of fun to make this event a stunning theatrical and magical evening in the hands of master performers around the world. Do not miss the occasion!

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Varietee MAGICA 2009 Spectator Comment

Both my companion and I considered this years Varietee MAGICA 2009 to be even stronger than the earlier ones. The first clear reason for this is the contribution of the High Heels dance group. They brought a central element to the show; dance, beauty, and a time to relax. The dances give an opportunity to be laid back, and step down your attention level. - Magic requires a high level of attention...

Having a most charming personality An Ha Lim came out as our definitive favorite amongst the magicians. His tricks were miraculous, and it did not matter that he essentially showed variations of card manifestations over and over again. – We loved it. The Korean culture manifests elegant simplicity. The performance was a form of visual poetry; a summation of precise mimics and gestures.

The Ukrainian Victor Voitko stopped with his dreamlike illusion the movement of time, as it seemed. A beautiful and miraculous performance, that appeared to defy the laws of nature. The journey of a sleeping beauty beyond the world of the possible, formed one of the most unforgettable scenes of the show.

Charlie Frye & Co with their comic act was simply magnificent. He is also an incredibly skilled juggler, with the confidence of a performer who is on the stage 330 times a year.

The host,producer and director of the show, Timo Kulmakko, was very effective in building a seamless communiqué between these international stars and the Finnish audience. Also the introduction of Harry Houdini formed a strong approach that formed a brilliant visual as well as intellectual outline of the show.

All in all the Varietee MAGICA 2009 at Hotel President in Helsinki is an inspiring ride on a magic carpet over the land of illusion, magic, and showmanship. A flight that leaves you longing for more. - Close to perfection.

ML 28th Nov 2009